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GLUTA 1500000




Gluta 800k mg Super White

Super Effective *it helps for whitening and getting aura look.
*Pinkish lip and skin.
*Adjust to v shape face.
*it gives a V shape face *Enrich your skin to be smooth and bright.
*Lighten dark spots and reduce acne.
*Tighten skin with anti-oxidant.
*Safe and effective
Thai FDA approved

L-Glutathione 800000mg
Vit. C 30000mg
Bioflavonoi 1200mg
Hyaluronic 2000mg
Koji Berry 600mg
Raspberry Extract 600mg
Collagen 200000mg
Coenzyme Q10 1200mg
Pine Bark Extract 500mg
Grape Seed Extract 600mg
Acerola Cherry 600mg
Mix Berry Extract 600mg


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