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The newly upgraded version of Thailand’s finest Secret Boomz by Pretty white is of better quality with a mixture of glutathione and extracts from the whole berries (Glutathione + Berry mix)

Ingredients include:
1000mg Phytoestrogen
100mg Placenta Extract
200mg Berry mix
200mg Vitamin C
200mg Vitamin E
50mg Tripala
100mg Cranberry Extract
100mg Bilberry extract
Products are 100% natural herbal extracts.
✔Larger firmer breasts – Breast enlargement, improving breast firmness.
✔Can help control and clear acne
✔Regulating hormone balance.
✔Tightening vagina, removes unpleasant vagina odor.
✔Reducing Bloated Belly Bulge.
✔Alleviating Menstrual Period Cramps and Painful Periods.
✔Replaces hair loss
✔Reduces freckles spots
✔Whitening with pink skin

Main Health Benefits of Glutathione:
✔Protects your skin from the suns UV rays.
✔Skin Lightening properties, Can help prevent melanogenesis,
✔Dramatically increase your energy levels
✔Slows down the process of aging making you look younger
✔Improve athletic performance and recovery
✔Fights inflammation and strengthen your immune system.
✔Detoxifies the body Reduces stress Improves Mental Function

Direction : 2 capsule in an empty stomach in the morning time before meal and last thing at night
Quantity : 40Capsules in a pack!

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