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How to Get the Most Out of Your Massage

How to Get the Most Out of Your Massage

Even if you are a new when it comes to massage, or you go for one on a weekly basis, there are a number of things you can do to make sure you get the most out of a massage and make your experience even more pleasurable.

Even if you are posses one of the luxury massage chairs, you can still you this tips to get the most out of your session.

Tip 1

The most obvious thing to remember about going for a massage is not to have a large meal before your treatment as you may become uncomfortable during your session and then not be able to fully relax.

Tip 2

stay away from alcohol.

Tip 3

leave plenty of time to get to your appointments and try to arrive at least 15 minutes early. We all know how bad traffic can be! This will help you relax before the massage which in turn will make the masseuses job easier and makes your treatment more pleasurable.

Tip 4

if you are attending a spa or clinic where you can use the sauna or steam room prior to your session then make sure you do as it will loosen up your muscles. Do remember to take a shower prior to your visit to get rid of any soaps or chemicals from your skin.

Tip 5

find out before your appointment as to whether your massage will be done with you in the nude. If you are uncomfortable with this then make sure you wear appropriate undergarments that allow your massage to be done properly.

Tip 6

place your trust in your therapist and allow them to use their experience and professionalism to completely relax you.

Tip 7

do not be afraid to talk to your therapist. Discuss with them prior to the visit, any concerns you have, or any particular areas you think you need working on. During your visit if something is painful or not completely agreeable do not be afraid to speak up.

Tip 8

depending on the type of person you are, you may wish to chat during your session or you may wish to remain silent. As the client, it is up to you which you choose and most professional therapists will adapt to either situation depending on your lead.

Tip 9

try and keep breathing during your session! Even though this sounds daft, you will enjoy it all the more and be more relaxed if you concentrate on breathing properly.

Tip 10

try and remain as relaxed as possible during your massage. If you are tight due to being uncomfortable about something let your masseuse know and they will be out to help you out.

Tip 11

after the session is finished take a few minutes whilst still lying on the table to come back to reality. Sometimes you can get a little dizzy so never get off the table to quickly.

Tip 12

make sure you fully re-hydrate after your session and drink more water than you normally would. This will benefit you greatly and hydrate your muscles correctly.

Tip 13

try and allow some time after your session to relax otherwise you will not properly feel the benefits from your relaxing treatment. If you have to rush back to work or some other stressful part of your life, your body will not feel the full results.

Tip 14

do not think that one massage treatment is enough as the more often you go, the more relaxed you become. The first time may feel a little painful, but if you go regularly enough then you will reap the full rewards and become more relaxed over time.

Excerpt: wellnessgeeky

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