Childrens Soap


Very safe for children care we all recognise the importance of taking good care of our skin, and protecting and maintaining the skin of our children is especially important.

Parents who have children with skin problems such as eczema, Rashes  and dermatitis need to take extra care of their kids’ skin.

How to care for children’s skin:

A gentle moisturiser for sensitive skin to soothe, soften and nourish dry skin should also be an essential part of kids’ skin care.

We have formulated the kids  Moisturising cream to prevent dry skin with liberal use after bathing.

The non-greasy kid Moisturising cream is perfume free, dermatologically tested and allergy screened.

It is ideal for use as part of a strategy of skin care for children.

100% safe for children,even toddler.. Its a must have for the family !!!

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