1»It Increases the collagen production under the skin cell, to make the skin smoother, supple and also prevent and minimize the appearance of Stretch marks & makes the skin bright by giving it a natural and healthy glow.
2» It helps in fading away dark spots and acne scars on the face and all over the body. There by giving the skin a flawless and Radiant Appearance.
3» It aids in slowing down aging process of the skin, hereby reducing wrinkles and slowing down ageing process. Making the skin appear younger, smoother, fresher and healthier.
4» It also boost the hair growth and aids in moisture retention for the hair and scalp, to prevent hair breakage and loss. It also aids in transportation of blood to the hair focilles in order to increase rapid growth and thickness of the hair and hair shaft.
5» This wonder working capsule also helps in firming, enlarging & strengthening the breast tissues and muscles.
6» it also replaces the female hormone at the menopause stage.
7» it also helps in propelling a good menstrual flow, as it causes the menstrual blood to flow freely without clotting. It also aid in subsiding menstrual cramps and discomfort. »8 it reduces cholesterol and unhealthy fat in the system. It also helps enlarge the vascular system »9 it increases the moisture retention gland for eye tears, as tears are healthy for cleaning unseen dirt in the eyes. This will enhance bright and clearer vision.
10» This Wonder working Herbal Capsule Is the Best Formula. For the General Beautification and Well For All Ladies Out there, As it Helps to maintaining and Restoring Natural Beauty, Brightness, Shine, Glow, Body Physique and Health of Women. Regardless the age, colour and Body Structure. The Goodness and Richness of this Lady Capsule is innumerable.
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