NONALISA PILLS.Women secret pills for health and beauty. Tightens the vagina, treats infections, treats vagina itching, treat hormonal imbalance, detoxify the blood, treats body odour, flattens tummy and burns fat. Helps women that can’t reach orgasm. NOT FOR PREGNANT AND LACTATING WOMEN

Quality and Use :
1. Reduce of over phlegms in vagina, whitish
. 2. Treat of itchiness and unpleasant scent of the femininity.
3. Treat of disfunction orgasm of women.
4. Detoxes the blood, and reduces bad smell.
5. Morring/recover the vagina and stomach muscle after bearing.
6. To care the natural beauty of face, soft skin, shine and fresh naturaly.
7. Keep the body slimming, solid and passionate all day. DIRECTION OF USE : Consume regularly 2 (two) capsule , twice a day, morning and afternoon after dinning or before sleeping.



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