Skin Glow/ Caramel Kit


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Black And Shine!!!

Brownskin is Beautiful!!!

For that shiny, radiant, supple, well moisturized, glowing,
and velvety smooth ebony complexion; get Our Carrot Skin Glow Kit.

Our Carrot Skin Glow kit is specially formulated to glow,
smoothen and moisturize that ebony skin complexion.

Provides more elasticity, combats dry skin, scaly skin, skin
division (different shades), age spots, age lines, spots,
chappy feet, peeling skin, dry knees and elbows and thereby revealing a softened, even toned, glowing
and smooth skin.

The Carrot Skin Glow Kit is made from purely herbal and
natural oil such as carrot oil, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil,
coconut milk, cocoa butter and other skin beautifying and
pampering ingredients.

The benefits of carrot oil on the skin
cannot be over emphasized.

All my ebony and chocolate complexion ladies, give our
Skin Glow Carrot Cream a trial today for that fresh, yummy,
supple, radiant and glowing skin.
A clearer and glowing skin is evident!!!

We ship nationwide!