Yuri coffee gluta is Arabica coffee, has a good favor and good smell. – It contains so many helpful ingredients; fiber, collagen, L-carenitine, white kidney bean extract, L-glutamine, L-arginine, goji berry, L-glutathione, ginkgo, garcinia atroviridis, cactus, instant coffee, chromium. – After drink the Yuri coffee, you would feel pretty full and don’t need too much food.


1. Antioxidants As an anti-toxin caused by internal and external bodies.

2. To help banish wrinkles from aging.

3. Helps the skin with water.

4. Stimulates the brain awake. Accelerate data processing in the brain in action. Thereby increasing the efficiency of the work that requires concentration. Logic and Memory

5. Stimulates the brain to work faster and concentrate better performance as well.

6. To improve blood circulation in the body as well.
7. Nourish the eyes, good eye sights

8. Reduce stagnation from exercise.

9. Boosts energy to the body as well.

10. Help Prevent Cavities

11. Prevents the cells do not deteriorate quickly. Reduce infections, colds Help fight bacterial infections

12. Provide the ability to exercise increased. A more durable And prevent tissue damage caused by inadequate oxygen supply to the cells.

13. Weight Carbohydrates in each meal



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